Bizzarri Dolci's Buttercream Queen

While the rest of Bizzarri Dolci was extremely busy relaxing on their holidays, our Head Pastry Chef Jia travelled to Sydney to complete a 4-day course with World Renowned Buttercream Flower Artist Nana.

Nana is well-known for her clean, modern yet sophisticated buttercream flowers and owns four branches of NanaCake bakeries in Korea.

Jia completed the Master class and undertook four days of intense classes learning how to create incredible, realistic flowers made entirely with buttercream. Take a look at some of Jia's creations below!

"It was such an amazing opportunity to learn from Nana how to work with Buttercream to create such amazing designs... I need to make sure I keep practicing them so I don't forget! I can't wait to start implementing what I have learnt from the course into some ideas for Bizzarri Dolci"

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