Calling all Vegans

"Do you have anything that's vegan?" is something that we heard quite a bit over the past few months. Our pastry chefs have been extremely busy with researching, experimenting and lots of taste testing but have finally perfected a new range of vegan options in-store.

First up is our brand new vegan range of biscuits and treats.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Biscuits

For those of you who are slightly hesitant or new to 'vegan' products, this is definitely the biscuit for you! Loaded with Vegan chocolate chips and super moist, this is the ultimate Chocolate Chip biscuit... only healthier!

Vegan ANZAC Biscuits

With ANZAC Day fast approaching, this Australian favourite biscuit has taken a different turn and become Vegan! Vegan Muesli Bars

Our new range of Muesli bars, are not only vegan, but full of flavour! A perfect on the go snack!

Check out our vegan products and more of what you can find in-store below!

We also have some other new products in store this week! Check them out here!

Superfood Bars

These superfood Bars are packed full of nuts, fruit and healthy alternatives to keep you feeling healthy all day long! They are perfect for school lunch boxes, or a quick and easy snack

Tea Cake Loafs

In store this week we also have a new range of tea cake loafs in a variety of flavours and styles perfect to share for afternoon tea with friends (or all to yourself!!)

Think flavours like

- Passionfruit Yoghurt

- Blood Orange

- Apple

- Chocolate Ganache

Be sure to keep up to date with what's happening in the Bizzarri Dolci kitchen via our social media channels!

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Instagram: @bizzarridolci

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