Easter at Bizzarri Dolci

It's that time of year again.. Easter has crept up on us and what better way to celebrate than with biscuits!

Our shelves are stocked full of Easter gifts and treats perfect for the whole family. See below for a sneak peak of what you can find in store.

Hot Cross Cookies

If you've been living under a rock for the past few years you wouldn't know that Bizzarri Dolci have THE best Easter treat ever. Our famous Hot Cross Cookies are back! These deliciously addictive biscuits are filled with raisins and spice (and all things nice ha ha).

A Hot Cross Bun only in biscuit form of course.

Chocolate Easter Bark

This fun Easter Bark is pack filled with all things Easter. Featuring our Chocolate Cracktop biscuits and our Razzle Dazzle biscuits, alongside some Popping Candy and MnM's this is sure to be a big hit for all ages during the Easter break.

Easter Linzer Biscuits

Bizzarri Dolci's Linzer biscuits have turned into Easter eggs! These beautiful Linzer biscuits are a favourite of ours, and are a classic treat that works perfectly with our Easter products for this year. Come and visit us in store to see these biscuits for yourself.


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