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Reaching our 13th year of business, here at Bizzarri Dolci we definitely know a thing or two about biscuits. So, for those of you who see biscuits as just a ' sneaky after dinner snack' or 'something with a cup of tea' that's all about to change.

Let us present the 6 Reasons why Bizzarri Dolci biscuits will be the biggest trend in 2017.

1. They're an entertaining savour

There's always a moment when the doorbell rings

unexpectedly and you panic that there's nothing to serve

with coffee. Bizzarri Dolci biscuits are the perfect pantry

treat that can save you from serving any plain old joe with tea!

Biscuit Go-To: Our entertaining saviour are our Langue de Chat biscuits. A french biscuit baked with flaked almonds & filled with dark chocolate ganache.

2. The Portable Biscuit

Unlike any other sweets and treats, biscuits are the perfect go-to when visiting friends and family. They're packaged up, ready to eat and have little to no fuss about them. Easy to transport around, they are the perfect 'don't bring anything' thing to bring!

Biscuit Go-To: One of our favourites Chocolate Apricot Hazelnut Bread is the perfect biscuit to bring with you at any function. They're thin, toasted apricot & hazelnut wafers dipped in rich dark chocolate.

3. What's your Biscuit personality?

Biscuits come in all shapes, sizes and styles. There truly is a biscuit for everyone. At Bizzarri Dolci we have an abundance of different types and styles of biscuits for the whole family! Whether you're feeling sweet or savoury, there's always a type for your biscuit craving.

Biscuit Go-To: For those who like the sweeter side of things our Go-To is our Chocolate Cracktop biscuits. They're a rich fudgy chocolate biscuit with a hint of vanilla, covered in icing sugar just before baking (basically a chocolate brownie in a biscuit)

4. Not just a Biscuit

They may look like just another sweet treat, but biscuits can also be used to create a new culinary delight! From cheesecake bases to decorations, biscuits aren't just made to be enjoyed alone.

Biscuit Go-To: Orange & Almond Biscotti.. featured in-store as a base for our Linzer Slice. Our Biscotti on it's own is amazing, but can also be used to accompany and definitely enhance other treats.

5. Are we in Rome or Melbourne?

If you've ever wished of becoming an Italian local, eating Biscuits is definitely the right way to start! Traditional Italians accompany their morning coffee with a treat at breakfast - think pastries, sweets and of course biscuits. So why not swap your regular piece of toast with some Amaretti biscuits to start the day!

Biscuit Go-To: Our Amaretti biscuits, a traditional Italian style, chewy almond biscuit. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

6. Easy to find

Yes, yes biscuits are the sweet treat of the future, but if you're after one right now you can find them at 1395 Malvern Road, Malvern. With shelves filled of choices we wish you Good Luck in picking the perfect packet.

Biscuit Go-To: Basically all of them are really good.. We recommend all of them


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