Oh no!! I broke my biscuits!!

Bizzarri Dolci biscuits are like gold to us. After all, each and every biscuit is hand-dipped,

hand-rolled, hand-packed, hand-...well basically everything.

Unfortunately, when dealing with handmade biscuits, they break. The sound of a biscuit packet falling to the floor could potentially be my next ringtone it sounds that familiar BUT,

no stress! Bizzarri Dolci has the answer!

Welcome to: Broken biscuits and how to save them!

In a perfect world all biscuits would hold together like super glue, not leave any crumbs and never ever break... however don't get confused - Broken biscuits are still good biscuits! What once was a biscuit can be transformed into a new product.

Oh no!! I broke my biscuits!! What do I do?

Rocky Road...My favourite!!

Dearest Rocky Road fans,

Have you ever thought of adding broken biscuits to your Rocky Road? Do it. It'll change your life.

Bizzarri Dolci adds Scotch Shortbread or Orange & Almond Biscotti to ours for a texture change! Accompanied with house-made marshmallows and jellies, too good to share if you ask me!

Cheesecake Base..Wow!

The word Cheesecake already is enough to win anyone over. Think about how much praise you'll receive at the next dinner party when YOUR cheesecake base is made with no other than Bizzarri Dolci biscuits! Bizzarri Dolci recommends the Orange & Almond Biscotti or Lemon Twists as your help to becoming a Cheesecake Queen (or King)

Trifle.. Omg Stop!

Trifle... We really don't have anything to say other than use Bizzarri Dolci's Madeline biscuits. Don't ask questions.. just do it. (Save us some please)

Chicken Schnitzels?? What? Surely Not!

This is actually inspiration from a customer of ours. Bizzarri Dolci's Peppery Cheddars believe it or not can be used to crumb your next Chicken Schnitzel dinner! Crazy I know - but think about how Peppery and Cheesy and delicious-ly those Schnitzels will taste! From cheese platter addition to a Five star restaurant quality meal!

Eton Mess..This is crazy!

Bizzarri Dolci gets very sad whenever we break biscuits... but not as sad as when we break meringues!! Eton Mess is the best way to save those broken meringues from being thrown in the bin! Essentially a meringue, cream and strawberry trifle - this Eton Mess is perfect for entertaining! Use Bizzarri Dolci's Choc Meringas for a different twist or one of our large Raspberry Meringues in-store. (Thank me later)

Linzer Slice...Yum!

Jam lovers listen up! Linzer slice is the PERFECT broken biscuit saviour! Instead of creating a boring, bland and basic base to your next Linzer Slice, put your broken biscuits together and make the base of your dreams!! Bizzarri Dolci's Orange & Almond Biscotti adds a hint of extra flavour to your slice.

Hedgehog Slice... Okay, you've won me over now.

A dessert classic that is the perfect 'Last minute thing to bring to the dinner party because I forgot about the dinner party' saviour. Throw together your broken biscuits and some chocolate in a tray before refrigerating until solid. Bizzarri Dolci recommends Chocolate Apricot Hazelnut Bread or Almond Bread as the perfect crunch to your Hedgehog Slice.

Now... before you go breaking all your biscuits on purpose remember they're pretty good on their own too. Probably too good... and extremely addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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