Easter Treats at Bizzarri Dolci

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that Bizzarri Dolci is a BIG fan of Easter!

Easter for us is one of our favourite times of year as our Pastry Chefs get to create something new and exciting, as well as re-create some of our classics.

A sneak peak of Easter at Bizzarri Dolci this year looks a little like this....

First up, Hot Cross Cookies! An Easter staple of ours that is the perfect treat for all! What's better than a Hot Cross Bun? A hot cross bun in biscuit form of course.

Next, we have a bit of a bunny problem at Bizzarri Dolci this year... our Easter bunnies! A new favourite, this little pack of 2 is the perfect gift for someone special.

Finally, as much as we think biscuits are cooler than chocolate, we know it's everyones favourite sweet treat! For the Chocolate lovers, try our Choc Almond Honeycomb. Deeeeelicious!

You can find lots more of our Easter treats in store... for now.. this is the only sneak peak you get!

Bizzarri Dolci


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