Biscuits by day - Marathons by night

Behind the name that is Bizzarri Dolci sits a very special lady. For 14 years Monette has baked biscuits, talked about biscuits, created new biscuits and well in our opinion - she really is the "Biscuit Queen" of Melbourne.

Through the glass windows of our kitchen you'll notice her running around testing and creating new flavours and products. The new creations are passed around for taste testing (Our favourite part!!) and Ta-Da! A new idea is born.

Few of you may know that yes - by day Monette lives and breathes biscuits, however by night she is a Marathon running champion. Monette is currently on her way to completing a marathon on every continent and she is definitely on track! Take a look at her progress so far:

Australia (Melbourne Marathon 2010, 2015)

North America (New York Marathon 2014)

Europe (Paris Marathon 2013, Berlin Marathon 2016)

Asia (Nagano, Japan Marathon 2018) PB: 3:26:52

The team at Bizzarri Dolci are so incredibly proud of Monette. All of her hard work and dedication is extremely inspiring and we love watching her achieve new goals.

We'll be sure to keep you updated with Monette's progress, as she currently is looking at Peru, South America as her next Marathon!

Who knows... perhaps biscuits are the key to Marathon running success!

Go Monette!

Image: Monette - Melbourne Marathon 2015


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