"Do you have any Gluten Free biscuits?"

Yes!! Yes we do!

At Bizzarri Dolci when we hear this question, a grin from ear to ear appears and

we jump up and down with excitement!

Yes - We do have a Gluten Free range, and you'd be quite surprised because

a lot of them are your favourites!

Check out some of our Gluten Free products below:

Florentines - Made with Almonds, Currents, Raisins and Cherries (and some other secret ingredients!!) our most popular biscuit is also Gluten Free!

Chocolate Meringas - Possibly the most addictive sweet you could ever try.. Our Chocolate Meringas are the perfect bite size treat that also happens to be Gluten Free! (We serve them with our coffee in store!)

Amaretti - These classic Italian biscuits date back to Italy in the 1870's, however in 2018 can be found at Bizzarri Dolci! Made with Almond meal these are the perfect Gluten Free afternoon snack.

Almond Buttercrunch - This Buttercrunch is the most delectable thing that Bizzarri Dolci! The perfect balance of sweet as it is settled by the thin Almonds that are scattered throughout the treat. Be warned.. it's extremely addictive & Gluten Free!

Chocolate Almond Bark - The perfect accompaniment to any event. Our Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Bark is great to serve with not only afternoon tea, but also next to your favourite savoury items on a cheese platter!

Chocolate Dipped Oranges - Thin slices of dehydrated Oranges dipped in luscious dark chocolate. Perfect on their own. Nothing else needed.

All of our Gluten Free products are available for purchase via our website or in store! Be sure to look out for the 'Gluten Free' label next to your favourite biscuits and treats!

Please note: Our Gluten Free products are made in an environment that may contain traces of wheat.

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