Bizzarri Dolci Winter Warmers

The colder months have well and truly begun and Bizzarri Dolci is here to help you through! With blankets, and afternoon tea ready we've compiled the perfect list of our favourite 'Winter Warmer' biscuits and treats to make it feel like a hot summer day!

The perfect accompaniments to your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or just an after dinner treat are listed below. Check out all of our favourites keeping us warm (on the inside) this winter!

Sticky Date Cookies - At Bizzarri Dolci we are a big fan of a good sticky date dessert during Winter, however we have something even better. Our Sticky Date Cookies. Bite size and oh so delicious, these chewy cookies are a favourite of ours, and the perfect treat with your afternoon tea...

Ginger Spice Biscuits - The one bad thing about Winter is the fact that it's the dreaded cold and flu season. Find us a better quick- fix a sore throat - we dare you! Our Ginger Spice biscuits are the perfect remedy that's also addictive and delicious at the same time!

Orange & Almond Biscotti - All those winter blues leaving you feeling pale and sad? Bizzarri Dolci has the answer! Our Orange and Almond biscotti packed with Vitamin D for all your summer glow needs. Perfect with a cup of coffee, these bite size sharing biscuits mean that there's plenty for everyones summer glow!

You can find all of our Winter warmers and many more biscuits at our retail shop front & bakery at 1395 Malvern Road, Malvern 3144, or online at


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