A Guide to sharing biscuits.

Now.. we get it. Biscuits are everyones favourite go-to treat (Specifically when they're from Bizzarri Dolci), so you may have been stuck in a crumb-y situation at least once in the form of "Ooo! Let's share a biscuit!" Never fear! Bizzarri Dolci has 4 perfect tips & tricks to help you 'share' your biscuits.

Step 1. Choose a packet of biscuits that are designed for sharing. With multiple bite size pieces, you can 'share' without missing out. We recommend: Orange & Almond Biscotti

Step 2. Try your luck with a Savoury biscuit. Not everyone has a sweet tooth so including a savoury biscuit to share allows you to devour all the sweet ones alone!! (Whilst also eating the savoury ones too!) We recommend: Peppery Cheddars

Step 3. Don't try to share a 'biscuit' as such. Sweet treats are a more share friendly option. Made to be broken, just ensure that your piece is slightly bigger than everyone else! ;) We recommend: Chocolate Almond Bark

Step 3. Now if all else fails, there is one final step is slightly contradicting however it's that we also recommend that you don't share your biscuits at all!! Keep them to yourself!! One packet per person we say!! The more the merrier!!

Good Luck!

Bizzarri Dolci xx

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