Biscuits perfect for the weekend..

Ahhh Friday... everyone's favourite day of the week.

At Bizzarri Dolci we LOVE Fridays because our customers are ready

for a weekend of entertaining, gift giving and activities.

We've compiled the perfect biscuits to accompany you with whatever the weekend may bring.


A weekend favourite for everyone is definitely going to the movies. With cinemas these days as lux as they can be, why not add an extra bit of 'ooh la la' to it by bringing along your Bizzarri Dolci biscuits. So sit back on your leather recliner chair and enjoy!

We recommend: Orange & Almond Biscotti

A twice baked, bite size snack packed full of flavour.

Be warned: They may distract you from your movie!

Orange & Almond Biscotti available here


When creating our cheese platters before friends come over, we ensure that it is full of all the perfect biscuits and sweet treats to accompany a nice glass of wine! Whether it be sweet or savoury - making platters is easy at Bizzarri Dolci.

We recommend: Peppery Cheddars

Our go-to for all things savoury. The perfect balance of cheese with a good KICK of pepper.

Peppery Cheddars available here


Sometimes 'just bring yourselves' can be stressful.. A dessert? A salad? No no!! Ladies and gentlemen biscuits are the answer! An assortment of biscuits works two ways.

One - presented as a hamper these biscuits are a 'gift' to the host.

Two - when the host opens these biscuits for everyone to share they work as a treat for you too!

We recommend: Green Hamper Box

Packed full of Bizzarri Dolci's best selling biscuits - there's something for everyone!

Green Hamper Box available here


Taking the family for a day out can be stressful! With kids running laps around you, it is ESSENTIAL that you pack the perfect treat for the occasional bribe.

We recommend: Kiddie Bikkies. With a Ginger biscuit base it's a sweet- but not too sweet treat that won't give them the unnecessary energy boost.

Kiddie Bikkies available here

And there you have it! Bizzarri Dolci making weekends fun one biscuit at a time...

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