A biscuit for every type of Dad..

Now, at Bizzarri Dolci we have a large variety of biscuits.. and that's because everyone likes different things - including your dad.

This Fathers Day we have created the perfect go-to list of exactly which biscuits to get each and every dad.

The 'Handyman' Dad

This dad is the ultimate mans man. He spends his weekends in the garden, on the roof or under the house. Always a new project on his mind, this dad loves a sweet treat in his spare time.

We recommend: Chocolate Cracktops - a messy biscuit that'll leave dad covered in icing sugar rather than mud.

The 'Fancy' Dad

This dad takes good care of himself. He loves a trip to the barber, a new outfit and eating at all the latest restaurants with a nice glass of red.

We recommend: Langue De Chat - a fancy french biscuit for the fancy dads' palette.

The 'Sporty' Dad

Now this dad is a mix of the ultimate sports fan and athlete. He loves a long bike ride on the weekends but can also spend hours watching AFL replays of his teams' wins.

We recommend: Muesli Crunch - a mid-ride snack that'll keep dad thinking he's on the way to the Tour de France.

The 'Embarrassing' Dad

Now - we ALL know one of these dads.

This dad think he's the bees knees.

He loves to crack a joke (that's normally not funny to anyone except himself) and is definitely the first one on the dance-floor every Saturday night.

We recommend: Florentines - This dad needs something packed full of flavour to distract him of any joke telling. That'll keep him quiet for a while trust us!

The 'Casual' Dad

This dad is the good ol' cup of tea and read the news dad. He lives in his jeans and knows all the answers on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'.

We recommend: Monte Carlos - A classic biscuit for this classic dad.

We love all types of dads here at Bizzarri Dolci and can help you find the perfect gift for yours.

Visit us at 1395 Malvern Road, Malvern for all your Fathers Day needs.

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