The Story

How it all started...


Bizzarri Dolci is a handmade biscuit bakery located in Melbourne specialising in the creation of freshly baked gourmet biscuits. 


Bizzarri Dolci’s philosophy is simple - we create handmade biscuits and other baked delights with natural and fresh they taste like they should


Bizzarri Dolci was established 16 years ago by pastry chef Monette Bizzarri in pursuit of her love for baking. Monette trained as a chef in Melbourne, beginning her apprenticeship when she was 16 years old. She always had a particular love for pastry work and when she studied under the French master Michel Roux, she realised her dream of one day doing what she loved in a business of her own.

So when did it all begin? The Bizzarri name was first put on the Melbourne food map 28 years ago, when the family opened their first restaurant Cafe Bizzarri, located in Toorak Village. Since then, the Bizzarri family have dished out countless, lovingly made meals to foodies all around Melbourne. Following Cafe Bizzarri came Bizzarri Restaurant Two - located in the Como Centre in South Yarra. 


After many successful years in the industry, Monette (being the family member who was always very dessert oriented) decided to act on her dream and share her passion for baking by creating ‘real’  biscuits - and the only way she could see this happening was to make them by hand...                                                                                             

Having hailed from the Island of Seychelles, Monette moved to Melbourne when she was a child. She always loved cooking for her family and at the age of

16 - she set out to become a chef and pursue her passion for food as a career. It was all hands-on-deck when she met her now husband Tony and the world of Bizzarri food came to life.Monette’s passion for sweets (in specific biscuits) came to eventuate when she opened a small wholesale kitchen in Malvern East called Bizzarri Dolci. She supplied handmade biscuits using only fresh and natural ingredients to delis and boutique food stores all around Victoria and NSW. 

The small kitchen initially started off with all of 1 employee. Monette. She worked day and night, baking, chocolate dipping and packaging biscuits in order to produce the best quality biscuits for her loyal customer base. Not too long after this, Monette slowly employed a team of professionals who shared the same passion as her. Before she knew it, the kitchen was constantly buzzing. New biscuit lines were being created and hundreds of biscuits were being baked and delivered to customers every week. Before long, the Bizzarri team decided it was time to open the doors of the Bizzarri Dolci kitchen to the public. 


Enter a shelf…a coffee machine…and a couple of tables. Ta-da! A retail outlet was created. The outlet was created as a means for the public to come and get their biscuit fix direct from the kitchen. With a wall of biscuits and a small


seating area, the shop soon became a go-to destination and attracted visitors from all walks of life. Families, Mothers, Fathers, children, corporates - and customers who traveled hours just to pay the bakery a visit and stock up on biscuits.


When Bizzarri Dolci hit their 10 year anniversary, the bakery in East Malvern that has seen millions of biscuits produced, soon became too small. The team had no choice but to pack up their oven mitts and move to a larger premises. And you guessed it….with a larger kitchen comes a larger retail shop - and we’re not just talking biscuits now. Things have heated up in the new kitchen and the team have put their heads together to create a signature selection of cakes and other baked delights. The perfect compliment to the already established and popular biscuit range. The new bakery is set up in a similar fashion to the original store with an open kitchen in which customers can watch the baker’s and see what happens behind the scenes.


“The emphasis will still be on the biscuits” - says owner Monette Bizzarri. “We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to introduce some new products to the public”. The new shop also boasts a European style espresso bar for a caffeine fix. Lets face it…what’s a biscuit without a coffee?


Monette explains that they still provide the same personalised customer service as they always have. “We are a family business at the end of the day. To us, the quality of our products and our customer service are paramount to the business, and we always strive to possess a certain authenticity about us”.


With the new retail space operating in full swing, Bizzarri Dolci still place an emphasis on the wholesale side of the business which dominates more than half of the biscuit production.

Handmade biscuits...baked fresh to order | We're Still Open & Delivering Throughout Lockdown.